About EP Vocals/Liz Plumb

Liz is passionate about singing and teaching provides the opportunity to pass that passion on to all generations.

She has been teaching since 2008, performing since the age of 12 and currently performs on a regular basis at local conferences and events.

Liz has studied at the Queensland Conservatorium, completing her Masters in Contemporary Voice Pedagogy in 2012 under internationally renown voice teachers Irene Bartlett and Adele Nisbet.

Liz has been the Vocal Director at Nexus Church for 4 years overseeing a team of 40+ vocalists in the production of weekly services, conferences and events.  She is currently looking after Vocal Development within the team.

She has also written and conducted a series of vocal workshops for singers, churches and businesses to improve vocal health and production.

Liz teaches all contemporary styles including pop, rock, jazz, musical theatre and country.


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